Monday, August 5, 2013

Love Letter Series - To The Girl on My Twitter Timeline


Or should I say, “Hola!”, since Spanish is the language you’re dying to expert on. It’s actually funny to see how often you post your tweets in Spanish while I don’t see anyone who would bother to respond to those Spanish expressions you tweeted. It’s not hard to guess that Madrid or Barcelona must be the city you are wishing to step your feet on, and visiting some historical places is something you won’t miss out once you’re there, no?

You may be wondering why I know such little details of  yours while I am not even your friend, colleague, or even acquaintance. Moreover, you must not know me since we haven’t even met. And just now I realized how rude I am not to introduce myself first.

Well, basically I am one of your followers on twitter. My friend showed me your account when you made a tweet series regarding how awesome the newest film of Christopher Nolan was. My friend did that because he knows I’m an avid fan of Christopher Nolan’s pieces myself. I started to follow you then, and guess what? I think I have fallen in love with you ever-since.

I am basically in love with how you tweet with such positive energy by always adding some cute little smileys at the end your tweets. I am surprisingly in love with how you brilliantly respond to today’s happening controversy. I am unintentionally in love with how you always tweet passionately about things that make you feel alive; about movies, kids, sunset, ice cream, and people. Most of all, I am deeply in love with how that gorgeous and heartwarming smile of yours never vanish from your peaceful face.

You usually change your avatar on Monday morning with you wearing your work dress ensemble in it. I don’t know your reason but perhaps it’s because you like to start your week with some sort of a new spirit and contentment. Instead of twitpic-ing it, you prefer to describe your lunch-slash-dinner in sentences complete with the whole detail. My heart’s  pounding in curiosity at the end of every month, wondering whether you’ll tweet some gratitude or some disappointment regarding what your boss would say on your monthly work evaluation. I smile slightly too wide whenever you make your own silly review after you’re done watching a movie. Also I think my heart skipped a beat or two when you replied to my mention that one time.

I genuinely think I love you at the first sight. But scratch that. How can I be in love with you at the first sight when we haven’t even shared any sight at all?

This letter may sound creepy. The fact that we are not related whatsoever yet I know so much about you makes me sound like an obsessive stalker. Trust me I’m not. Let just say I am your virtual secret admirer. Above of all, a dosage of blissfulness in your every tweet brings happiness in me too. Believe me, it’s contagious. If there’s a lesson that you indirectly teach me is that we are actually luckier and could be happier than we think we are. We just sometimes choose not to.

I hope this is not inappropriate. Just so you know, I almost died of excitement when something shocking happened today. You followed me! I don’t expect this to make sense, but, thank you. Thank you for being you.

I guess that is all.

The Man You’ve Just Followed Today

(caution: this is fictional. not one sentence of this letter based on my true story)

P.S.: The credit goes to Afutami, since I develop the Love-Letter-Series idea from her. Visit her love letters on her wordpress. Cheers :D


Siti Rahayu said...

Sy suka gaya menulis km dan sy jg sudah membaca semua tulisanmu di blog ini. Terdengar 'sebegitunya'? :D But i do love it seriously. :)

Keep writing ya..

Visit my home (if u don't mind).

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